A Little About Myself


With a background from  RISD Bachelors in Fine Arts. it was an unexpected but perfect transition that I found myself in the realm of healing.  I chose National Holistic Institute for my massage therapy education because of how technical and complete the education process was. I found holistic healing to be the perfect combination of the artistic intuition and science -based medical knowledge.

My main focus as your holistic health practitioner is to problem solve any reoccurring muscular pains, so that going forward, you may perform in top capacity pain free. 


With an open hand and open heart I welcome clients to come see me and together we will customize your own intelligently designed session. 


I have an in-home office as well as an office in southern Marin. Please note that my space is animal friendly; very animal friendly in fact! I have a dog, bunny,  and a teddy bear hamster here at home! 


Looking forward to meeting you!






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